Thursday, August 4, 2011


I write this with a lot of sadness and tears....
for I thought challenges are part of life...
and are supposed to bring people who truly love each other closer.....
to come out strongly and comfort each other even in times of crises....
for no matter who you are with....
it shall never be a bed of roses...
you must learn to fight for your love....I was not born a quitter.....
but to bad for me ....the other party cannot handle the challenge...
what am I to do...what?I hope God gives you the wisdom...
to make appropriate for me ....
may he give me the strength to cope.......I don't know....but i hope he gives me the power- to remain sane- to look at life positively...and for this cycle of pain to reduce...You wrote 'we fell out of love'....I disagree
not in my did and so fast! ....I ask and will always ask myself
is what you have been feeling towards me love...
I wonder?                                  

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hate is all that plays so loud.
Cries of those gone sound.
For this is all I found
in this ice filled heart
"Please take refuge in my hut"
are the only words I shout
lights out.... thankful for poetry
for my "word" creativity
that maintains my sanity.
But my heart knows no serenity
enjoyed by humanity.
This isn't a lame love song
so don't get me wrong.
Am not asking for pity
as this is my sanctuary
shielding me from the heart's calamity.
But  honestly....
at times I feel lonely
for I need love's company
not for eternity
or daily.
Just a one day session
or only a ten minutes lesson
to change my impression.
If you don't get it
or agree with it
then may you never experience it.
For that's all I need
to stop my love bleed

Monday, March 21, 2011


this is a letter
to "my women"
so to understand me better
read on
i was born
as the son of the earth
and with my birth
came you "my women"
a symbol of creation
pillar of protection
image of diversification...
my conclusion
to you perfection
"my women"
so i will sample
though it might not be ample
but here is my example
a guitar is strum
and i hum
to your voluptuous voice
its not my choice
cause am your toy
.....ohhh boy!!!!
my son
i will run
but your mum
has spun
a web to bait
so its late
and as i wait
you gave me SPOKEN WORD
and the world stopped
i try to rhyme
but am out of time
its not a crime
so slowly i climb
and at the top
you i find
as i try to look behind
i slip and fall
you are tall
and like a ball
am in your arm
and am calm
as you charm
me away
i see a ray
so i stay
like clay, you mould
and hold me
to be bold.
am cold
am sick and like silk
which is smooth
you sooth.
this is the truth
you are " my women"
is this an omen
that i have been broken
and like the black stallion
of babylon
i press on to write my memo
nooooooooooo, letter
my disaster
is that i let you enter
in my heart
now i hurt and i pain
wait a minute..... no pain no gain
now i see it in plain
that there are two sides of a coin
that though am from your loin
i will feel pain
from "my women"
helta  skelta
but i hope you have understood me better
if not, wait for my second letter
so read on later..............
let it be known
that i have crown
you " my women"
as ................


My heart goes .....boom...boom...boom
and my secret desire bloom
have i met my doom...whom
she is back... and i lack...WORDS
like electricity in full capacity
through a wire am set on fire
taking me higher
as the boots i lace
to say HI
for my loneliness to say bye
and as i come by
i feel like i want to die
for i cant breath like a wreath
on a desert in rage
for i lack WORDS
i step back...i stare...i cant bare the pain
let me say it in plain
am drowning in your smile
that takes me a mile
am burning in your eyes
so they seem to be of ice
am dying for the way you move
among the mangrove
my mind says GO AWAY
my heart says COME MY WAY
so let me go to my box of hoax
since i lack WORDS.
i will take my thoughts
and put them in  notes
hoping that one day our boats
will hit an iceberg
and be like TITANIC
for us to sink
in this barbaric
sea of LOVE.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


just staring at the ceiling
heart ponding as am wondering
how love can be so dumb!!!
have you ever realized
that love cant wait forever...
but it hopes for the best
even in the worst circumstance
to the extend of caring for one
whom you cant have....
it continuously gets hurt
but it never learns!
shit! am so in love.......


I am in one of those trance
that seems not to know what it wants
but i just figured that
all i need is to put it down in words...
to cease this chance, give it a glance
to let it rise and grow to its full size
Ahhhh.........i got it!'s the devil
my pen is thinking of doing evil
of venomous vengeance
of distorting the balance
This is for my HATERS
whom i gave my letters,inspired
by the word creator
for doubting potential
to address and capture all
to move a full pact hall
to express words from my soul
...for telling me am an instigator
as my words cause riots
stealing thoughts from the brain ballots
from beautiful people
..........brainy people
..........wicked people
...........poor people
Yeah....i said it, it's for my HATERS
who thought i would write
made me think that this is a disease...yah right!
Hahahaha... your doubts make me stronger
they make my words bolder
are the thoughts in my brain
so they cut you, doubts they drain
i move in my poetry lane
these words i will maintain
so keep on hating
as i keep on word...


Sunday, February 20, 2011


thoughts pondering as echoes of death linger
shadows of those gone haunting the once clear sky
and for once i weep for the country called home
for how long must i shed tears of sadness?
as people chant songs of war in outrageous madness
i think of innocent blood about to be shed
without care they rampage on Her pride and honor
as they cut off the legs of my love
chocking the freedom that we paid dearly for
must it be my only love Kenya?

as i look helplessly thoughts of days gone bombard
i close my eyes afraid of the sight ahead
then a certain bliss fills my turmoiled heart
i hear children playing without a care
Kenyans walking in pride, working for my love
tranquility of Peace, Love and Unity shared by all
Love as our heritage and Brotherhood our shield
beautiful clouds gather turning.........
as drops of blood trickles sadness is aroused
must it be my only love Kenya?

eyes open as realization that it was only a dream
but is this true that we stumbled on a small rock?
that we forgot my only love Kenya!!!!